Sunday, March 11, 2012

these aren't really phone booths...such a cute way to try on clothes...we love L.A.

Lena G

Old Hollywood living!

photo courtesy of LA Times

This was by of the cutest streets and Tif and I went to in Los Feliz during our girls day trip! We stumbled upon this cute street where every apartment complex was named after a different old hollywood actor, Monroe (in light pink), Gable (shown above), Valentino, DeMille...why yes, it was truly a dream! These 1940's and 1920's apartments had been revamped and renamed after these Hollywood icons. A must see when in L.A! 

Lena G. 

Great eats in DTLA!

if you're ever in Los Feliz or DTLA, etc. you MUST go to UMAMI! Like WOW, we had the cheesy tator tots (so bad but sooo good), the original Umami burger (japanese/american fusion-yum), the ahi tuna burger-(mouth watering) and a light was perfection!! 

Check out my meal in the photo...looked just as good in person and tasted even better!!


So crisp and so clean!

t=Talk about YUMMY!!! this wine was absolutely was such a soft, buttery yet classy wine!! great with seafood or basically anything else you can think melted in our mouths!! This wine was perfect for sipping and great conversation with wonderful friends!!
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