Sunday, October 23, 2011

"She has an incredible talent for organic movement"

"You stand out from the crowd"...."Breakthrough"...."Yes You Can"..."Embrace your critics"..."Live Free"...these are words and phrases from snippets of magazine pages that I cut out. I LOVE magazines just like T'Ava, so when I turn pages, I am always very conscience of the words that speak to me. 

I finally decided to do this sort of vision board of words and pictures that I felt represented me. Specifically, how I view myself, where I want to be and how I will get there, dreams I have, places I want to go...etc. etc..... As you can see, my words are VERY positive, motivating and so liberating! 

My idea is to get a beautiful frame for this and put it up somewhere where I can see it everyday before I leave. After being in a little rut emotionally, I felt I needed to do this to help me overcome elements in my life that needed a little love...

Try the vision board, get creative and feel great about yourself...don't forget to dream big too!


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